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Please check our class dojo page for weekly photograph updates of our learning!

Cave Painting: Lesson 2

Editing our English work

Stone Age Cave Paintings: Lesson 1

Creating climate change placards inspired by Greta Thunberg

Sea creature sewing project!

The winners of Malcolm Dilly’s sluice drawing competition.

Hot chocolate afternoon!

A walk around Walkeringham looking at flood defences.

Watercolour paintings!

Extreme Reading Challenge! World Book Day 2021

Our new slide!

A special visitor from the North Pole!

Team Grylls Christmas Party!

Creating Christingles with the help of Mr Harrison!

Team Grylls Santa Dash!

Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures

Recreating the wonders of the Pyramids

Team Grylls archery competition teams!

Creating metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rock!

What is a fossil and why are they so fascinating?

Remembrance Rock Art!

What lies beneath our feet? Team Grylls soil experiment!

Roman Shield Formations!

An exciting first week back at school!

Class 2 Key Worker Father's Day cards!

Card making in Class 2!

Light and Dark - Cress Experiment

World Book Day in Class 2

Rainforest Homework!

Year 3 have been busy making a rainforest at playtime!

Animal Take Over!

When we went out to play our new classmate stayed inside to read! He even stole some of our belongings! Can you see anything of yours? 

Our Plastic Pollution Project! 
We have been learning about deforestation and climate change! For our DT project we have decided to create a piece of artwork out of plastic bottle tops for our classroom back in Walkeringham. 

We need your help! Please help us by collecting plastic bottle lids and drop them off in Class 2. Look how full our bag is already! 

A Rainforest in Beckingham! 
Our topic this term is all about Rainforests! We decided to turn our temporary Beckingham classroom into our very own Amazon rainforest! We researched the layers and animals and set to work. We really enjoyed working together to create our rainforest.