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Walkeringham Primary School

Think Smart, Be Kind


Our Ethos:

Follow the Walkeringham Way of; Think Smart and Be Kind.


Our Mission:

Our goal at Walkeringham Primary School is to create a culture where children are: curious; persevere; cooperate and communicate; take responsibility; show respect; show tolerance; be truthful; take care of people and things.


Our intent:

Our school context means that for our learners our curriculum provides:

  • An aspirational curriculum building from pre-Walkeringham School experiences to develop our children to be inclusive, showing respect for themselves and others and for them to contribute to their community and the wider multicultural society.
  • Opportunities to enrich the life of our learners and provide exciting experiences to make learning engaging. We want to widen their understanding to worlds beyond their own, for them to understand about others from a range of backgrounds, places and times.
  • A creative curriculum, rich with experiential learning to develop and encourage children to gain a wide and deep knowledge.
  • Opportunities to develop social and emotional characteristics for them to be problem solvers, independent, adaptable and reflective to thrive anywhere.
  • Personal skills to develop positive relationships with everyone around them. For them to have high expectations of their own behaviour built from understanding  action and consequence.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.