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Governor Meeting minutes are available to view in school.

Our Governors are a group of dedicated people who help with the monitoring and development of the school. We take into account our members strengths when deciding sub committees. The Chair of Governors is Mrs Sheila Haigh.


Walkeringham Primary School has a current Governor constitution of:


3 Co-opted Governors (and 3 co-opted Governor Vacancies)

1 Parent Governor (and 1 Parent Governor vacancy)

1 Staff Governor

1 Headteacher Governor

1 Local Authority Governor


The Governing body is made up of  two committees:

1. The Curriculum, Pupils and Personnel Committee (C & P)

2. The Finance Committee 


Please be advised that copies of sub-committee Governors minutes and financial information are available to parents/carers if they wish to view them.


Craig Bosworth

Our family moved to Walkeringham in 2017, with Walkeringham Primary School the key factor in us moving into the village with our two children attending and loving school, the teachers and outdoor space. 


I will be taking on a co-opted governor role, and whilst a new experience for myself, I will be bringing my experience on setting strategy, managing financials and people development skills I use within my current role as Head of Commercial Finance within Greencore who manufacture 645m sandwiches every year. I have over 10 years finance experience and I am CIMA qualified over the past 8 years. My passion for finance and people will help drive forward the strategic direction of Walkeringham Primary School and also the sustainability of such a fantastic asset to the village.


Lee McKone

I’m Lee Mckone and my wife and young daughter at the time and I moved to the general area in 2006.

In my working career I have worked in procurement from leaving education, to serving with the armed forces for the majority of the 90’s, on leaving the Army I joined a land remediation company that dealt with contaminated land and water, initially as an engineer, through to site manager, operations manager and UK Safety Director. For the last couple of years of the 17 years with the same company I have moved into consultancy division, assisting clients with Construction, Design  management and Health and Safety advice.  

I have worked in most sectors to varying degrees but not Education I considered volunteering as a Local Authority appointed Governor where I thought I could offer some of my experience of sitting on senior boards as well as using some of my skills which could be transferrable as well as learning new skills , so volunteered for a post at Walkeringham Primary school beginning of 2021.


Sheila Haigh

I am originally from Newcastle on Tyne then I studied in Sheffield where I qualified as a teacher and later gained a Masters Degree in Education. I am married and I have two sons, four granddaughters and two dogs. We moved to Misterton eight years ago and have enjoyed events in Walkeringham including keep fit and indoor bowls.  I love to read, walk the dogs, listen to music and travel but my favourite occupation is being a granny.

 I retired in 2017 from a successful career in Primary Education - 40+ years in teaching including 23yrs as head teacher of several large inner city primary schools. I relished the job and tried to ensure that music, sport and arts continued to be prioritised within the whole curriculum.

 As a serving head teacher I also worked as a School Improvement Partner supporting small rural schools in Derbyshire. This role opened my eyes to the challenges faced by small schools both financially and in developing the curriculum.

I am excited about my new role as a governor of Walkeringham Primary School and aim to serve the children and families well, through working with the school team, being a “critical friend” and offering support and challenge particularly in the areas of Early Years and Safeguarding.


Carl Fahy (Details to follow)


Sophie Grand (Details to follow)



Please find listed below Governor Committees and meeting attendance. A = Attended X = Absent N/A = Not Applicable


 C & P

Governor Term 

Register of Business 


Autumn 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023

Patricia Hooton

10.11.2021 - 09.11.2025NoneAResignedResigned

Heather Driver

(Head Teacher)

31.08.2021 - 30.08.2025DCTS Maintain Fire AlarmAAX

Nicola Spacey

(Staff Governor)

10.11.2021 - 09.11.2025NoneAAA

Lee McKone

(Local Authority Governor)

26.01.2021 - 25.01.2025              NoneAAX

Sheila Haigh

(Co-opted Governor and Chair)

10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneAAA
Craig Bosworth (Co-opted Governor)10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneAAA
Michala Smith (Parent governor)10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneAXA
Helen Condliff (Co-opted governor)10.05.2023 - 09.05.2027N/AN/AN/AA
Carl Fahy (Parent governor)24.5.2023 - 23.5. 2027N/AN/AN/AA



GovernorTermRegister of Business Interest







Autumn 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023

Patricia Hooton

(no longer a governor))

10.11.2021 - 09.11.2025       NoneAAAAN/AN/A

Heather Driver

(Headteacher Governor)

31.08.2021 - 30.08.2025DCTS Maintain Fire AlarmAAAAAX

Nicola Spacey

(Staff Governor)

10.11.2021 - 09.11.2025    NoneN/AXAAAA

Lee McKone

(Local Authority Governor)

26.01.2021 - 25.01.2025NoneAAAAAX

Craig Bosworth

(Co-opted Governor)

10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneN/AAAAAA

Michala Smith

(Parent Governor)

10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneN/AAAAXA
Helen Condliff (Co-opted governor)10.05.2023 - 09.05.2027NoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AA
Carl Fahy (Parent governor)24.05.2023 - 23.05.2027NoneN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AA



Full Governors


Register of Business


Autumn 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023
Patricia Hooton10.11.2021 - 09.11.2025NoneAResignedResigned
Heather Driver31.08.2021 - 30.08.2025 DCTS Maintain Fire AlarmAXX
Nicola Spacey10.11.2021 - 09.11.2025NoneAAA
Lee McKone26.01.2021 - 25.01.2025NoneAAA
Michala Smith10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneAAResigned
Sheila Haigh10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneAAA
Craig Bosworth10.03.2022 - 09.03.2026NoneAAA
Sophie Grand21.06.2023 - 21.06.2026NoneN/AN/AA


Governor Roles



Training Co-ordinator, Appraisal Governor, Health & Safety, Physical Education, Chair of Pay Committee, Appraisal Committee



Lee McKone (Vice Chair)

Foundation Stage, Appraisal Governor, Safeguarding, PSHE & Languages



Sheila Haigh (Chair of Governors)

Maths/Design/Technology/Computing, Pupil Premium & Sport’s Premium, PE



Craig Bosworth

Clerk to the GovernorsSara Booth

Governor Minutes for public display. Previous minutes are available from the school office