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Walkeringham Primary School

Think Smart, Be Kind

Walkeringham Ways

At Walkeringham Primary School we have been working really hard with our children to make sure that all children know what is expected of them in terms of their behaviour. Our aim is to ensure that our children are responsible for making the right choices not only in school but also in the wider world.  


Staff and children have worked together to develop a list of values that we have adopted as our Walkeringham Ways.  


We have put these into two categories Think Smart and Be Kind.  


Think Smart  

  • Persevere 
  • Co-operate and communicate
  • Be curious 
  • Take responsibility


Be Kind 

  • Show respect 
  • Show tolerance 
  • Take care of people and things
  • Be truthful

We have been working with the children to ensure that they understand what these values mean. We have given them the opportunity to practice these values and have been rewarded when they have demonstrated them.