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English Ideas

Book review template - please take a photograph of this when it is done and send it to me and I will share it on the gallery page.

Some writing prompts that might spark your imagination. Print them out or complete them in your yellow book.

Lost - Story starter!

Hours and hours had passed, and she hadn’t seen a soul. The monotony of trudging through this seemingly never-ending labyrinth was tiring, and her eyelids felt heavy. The heady scent of the pine sap and earthy moss added to her lethargic state. She felt as if she could close her eyes and sleep for a thousand years. She knew she couldn’t though; being trapped in the woods when night fell wouldn't be a wise move. Making the most of the remaining daylight would be crucial, she knew.

A great sense of foreboding filled her, and she had a tight feeling in her chest. The trees around her, like sentinels protecting the gods of the forest, seemed to bear down upon her. The dense army of pine trees threatened her from every side. There was only one path forward, and she took it hesitantly, not knowing what awaited her in the distance…

Some children have told me that they have bought a copy of Street Child by Berlie Doherty online as they wanted to find out what happens to Jim. If you would also like to do that then here are some question ideas that might be useful.