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September Parents' Meeting

If you were unable to make the Parents' Meeting on Thursday 27th September, this is the information that was shared.


Class 3 – Meet the teacher meeting – 27.9.18



  • Children will continue to use the Accelerated Reader programme to both develop their comprehension skills and encourage them to read. They will also take an AR Star Reading Test at least once per term to monitor their progress. This will also help to set their ZPD for the term. The system then sets them a target of points to achieve for the term, based on their ZPD. Children’s targets are individual; their progress towards these targets is recorded in the classroom. All children who meet their target by Christmas will attend the target party! (perhaps a DVD with popcorn?)
  • The targets at the moment are based on the children doing at least 20 minutes of reading per day – please encourage children to do this at home. We read everyday in school, in some form. However, this is often whole class guided reading, so in addition to this they need to be reading at home.
  • Children will be heard read their own book depending on their need. It is not appropriate to use adults in school to hear children read individually, once they can read confidently. This time is much better used teaching comprehension skills in groups or as a whole class.



  • Children are working on two sets of spellings per week. On a Monday they are introduced to a spelling pattern, or rule. These spelling words will be brought home to be learnt and practised at home. They will be tested every Monday. These are age-appropriate spellings taken from The National Curriculum.
  • Children also have a spelling journal in school. In the Spelling Journals children or adults record spellings that they have spelt wrong in their writing. They will practise these at school throughout the week and test each other every Friday. Hopefully, we therefore cover the requirements of the National Curriculum, whilst also meeting children’s individual needs.



  • Children will bring homework home every Friday. They will complete a slip of paper each week to show them which pages they are to complete. The homework is compulsory and must be handed in by Wednesday of each week. Children can have support on a Thursday lunchtime if they have been unable to complete their homework at home. Please speak to me individually if you are having difficulty with this. I will try to put the page on the website each week too, in case they ever lose their piece of paper.



  • Children do P.E. with Mr Ennals on a Wednesday as they have done in the past. Please send them in warm clothing, but as close to school colours as possible.
  • At present the Year 5 children swim on a Friday. The Year 6 children do P.E. during this time in school.



  • Children are learning to play the trumpet with Mr Trippet this term. They will have a trumpet assigned to them, which they should ideally bring home to practise with! They must have their trumpet in school every Tuesday.



  • I try to keep the class page of the website up to date with photographs and information so please do try to have a look. There are useful website with sites that the children can access. There is a great app called ‘Hit The Button’ which will help massively with mental recall – can play for free on the website.