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Walkeringham Primary School

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School Priorities 2022-23

Our priorities for this academic year have been developed as a staff team and in collaboration with our governors. They form the main focus of our school development plan and take into consideration the impact and added pressures of Covid 19, as well as the areas we want to develop further as a school. We have identified the following key priorities: 


Priority 1:  

To further develop the curriculum so that it provides clear progression in learning and clarity about what knowledge children need to learn year on year.


Priority 2: 

To embed and continue to improve progress rates and raise attainment in, reading, writing, maths and GPS across both key stages and for those able to work at greater depth across all core subjects. 


Priority 3: 

To further develop and enhance provision in Early Years, through raising aspirations for pupils and through parental engagement and by ensuring that adults know how to support and extend the children’s learning through this engagement.


Priority 4: 

To raise the profile of the school by improving the school learning environment & experience to support and develop an outward facing approach engaging with the community and parents in a bid to raise pupil numbers.